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Your car is your attitude, Make it stand out !

If your car is your destination, not just the journey, car smoother is your partner.

Car smoother is the Pioneer and Leader in Premium Auto-Care in Kerala . We offer a wide range of cost effective solutions like interior & exterior polishing and detailing, Nano coating, modifications, off road conversions, Performance tuning and remapping, Poly Urethane coil spring buffering, Automatic brake distribution, ceramic coating and much more. Each and every vehicle that we treat is dealt with utmost respect and care through all of our service offerings. We are recognized as the leader in Kerala for auto detailing, exclusive cosmetics for car conservation and protection with special treatments. Our aim is to provide the highest level of auto detailing services using high quality premium products, meticulous attention to detail, and excellent customer service. We truly believe that Customers are for a Lifetime.

We provide installation of TTC Poly Urethane coil spring buffer for cars in Kerala . The Urethane buffer cushion is made of a special quality synthetic material and fits neatly between the coils of automotive suspension. It also provides additional support to the spring and eventually, to car's suspension. This enhances the driving comfort, vehicle safety and results in bump-free and smooth drive. We understand our customers, and more importently, the connection that our customers have with their vehicles and that is why we lay more emphasis on attaining the best results with care and consciousness.

Car smoother offers the best car interior and exterior treatment and detailing services that can transform your car to look like it’s just walked out of a showroom.At CarSmoother we treat every client as our priority client, and we assure to deliver best auto care products and services at reasonable rates. Premium services, great customer service, friendly employees and a perfectly detailed vehicle!

Car Smoother offers

Waterless Car Silicon Wash

With lesser cost than your normal car wash. Will not waste precious water, will not dirty your premises and the car will shine like polished. It leaves a silicon coating which prevent dust accumulation.The glow will last long.

Special offers avilable for Appartments, Villas and Corporate houses.

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