TTC Urethane Coil Spring Buffer

Guranteed comfort and stability

TTC Urethane Coil Spring Buffer

TTC urethane cushion buffer is 100% made in Korea.It is pure Korean product of more than 20years of technology and Know-how.
You can enjoy driving life and extra comfort by installation of urethane cushion buffer. It enables smooth steering and controlling of your automobile and provides stable driving, which improves your riding experience as a result.It restores the height of your automobile and improves shock absorbing functionality.We install Poly Urethane Coil Spring Buffer for car.In Cochin we offers the high quality TTC Urethane coil spring buffer with best price which reduces vibration from the road and rolling from high speed driving,
which makes long distance driving smooth and fatigue free.

Upon a sudden stop, the cushion buffer deters your automobile from leaning forwards as it deters the automobile's center of gravity from shifting to the front, which shortens the braking distance. It absorbs the shock from a speed bump or bumpy road and lets you enjoy smoother and more stable driving experience . An automobile with TTC urethane cushion buffer has additional shock absorbing capability and can be driven more smoothly on a bumpy road or speed bump , which has a positive effect on the
life span of the automobile's suspension as well.


Increases ground clearance by at least 20-25mm and reduces under body scraping.

Protects shock absorbers and doubles its life.

Absorbs shocks while driving on speed breakers.

Nullifies braking pitch and increases braking efficiency.

Prevents tilting on sharp turns (angle of tan 45 degrees).

Reduces driving fatigue on long drives (Buffer absorbs vibrations and shocks).

Smooth driving experience on rough roads

Increases tyre life by 20%.

No mechanical change involved.

50000 kms/1 years warranty.

Protects spinal cord from driving induced shocks

Improves accident prevention by reducing braking distance