Poly Urethane Coil Spring Buffer

Guranteed comfort and stability

Urethane Comfort Buffer

We install Poly Urethane Coil Spring Buffer for car, which enables smooth steering and controlling of your vehicle, and provides
stable driving, which improves your riding experience. No tilting on sharp turns.Less driving fatigue on long drives
It restores the height of your automobile and improves shock absorbing functionality by restoring the old coil spring that has a relatively reduced tension. It also enables more stable cornering .by diminishing a force that makes your automobile lean to a side when entering a sharp curve. In Cochin we offers the high quality Polyurethane coil spring with best price which reduces vibration from the road and rolling from high speed driving, which makes long distance driving smooth and fatigue free.

Upon a sudden stop, the cushion buffer deters your automobile from leaning forwards as it deters the automobile's center of gravity from shifting to the front, which shortens the braking distance. It absorbs the shock from a speed bump or bumpy road and lets you enjoy smoother and more stable driving experience . An automobile with TTC urethane cushion buffer has additional shock absorbing capability and can be driven more smoothly on a bumpy road or speed bump , which has a positive effect on the
life span of the automobile's suspension as well.