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Your car is your attitude, Make it stand out !

Get your car cleaned every day the professional, environment-friendly way. Car Smoother offers waterless car wash . It’s the easiest and cleanest way to keep your car shining, day in and day out. We are dedicated in providing car cleaning solutions and it endeavor to bring a
clean car culture for the people.

Echo Friendly

A range of eco-friendly techniques
are used for car cleaning

Reliable & Transparent

No machines used, your vehicle carefully handled by hand


A prompt and convenient car wash experience


Fast paced and convenient car washing at affordable rate

Our Services

Silicon Wash

A Better Car Wash Option
  • Cost effective process giving a long lasting shine to your car without damaging the paint finish
  • Echo friendly water-less Car Wash
  • Professional hands handling your precious car
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Car Smoother offers

Waterless Car Silicon Wash

With lesser cost than your normal car wash. Will not waste precious water, will not dirty your premises
and the car will shine like polished. It leaves a silicon coating which prevent dust accumulation.
The glow will last long.

Special offers avilable for Appartments, Villas and Corporate houses.